Social Responsibility

At Mahindra Sanyo, we believe in inclusive growth and consider it our responsibility to contribute to the community. We work to provide a better quality of life and environment to the people in our neighborhoods, while maintaining their culture.

Our Efforts are focused on Four Core Areas

Measures of Safety


Our employees are our most valuable resources. We constantly strive to better the social living statuses of our employees and their families with easily accessible world-class medical treatments and frequent medical check-ups.

'Conduct several health camps in surrounding area Nagar schools'. In addition regularly our company health staff goes to old age home to conduct health check-up and offer preliminary medication.


We focus our efforts on the holistic growth of the community through various skill building measures and primarily through education.

'Since 1981 we are running Jagdish Chandra Mahindra Memorial School where in more than 50 % students are from in and around communities.

The school is a Certified Green School under Centre for science & environment New Delhi and ranked 14th in the Nation wide competition.

We are working with Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Khalapur under 'Public Private Partnership - PPP'.

We run a very unique Earn & Learn Scheme where in ITI passed candidates get a chance to do Diploma Engineering. After successful completion of the Diploma students are free to join MSSSPL.

Women Empowerment

We support Workers wives by helping them to run a co-operative movement (MahilaBachat Gat) through which they supply food to our canteen

Employee Social Options

Our Employee Social Program is designed to connect our associates with our fellow in-need citizens and the underprivileged sections of society. From generously donating to helping children with their educational needs, our employees are driven by a keen sense of responsibility and strive to create lasting impact in programs like tree plantations, Swaccha Bharat Abhiyans, blood donation camps etc…