Safety First

Our People

Ensuring a Safe working environment is mandatory at MSSSPL. It is essential that we are in a process to enhance the safety culture through continual improvement to achieve the target of zero accident / incident. We are working towards our vision to make steel ininjury-free, illness-free and with productive environment. We are committed to safety of our internal & external customers & civilians in the nearby vicinity to achieve the zero harm due to occupational exposure. This is an integrated into our business, systems and processes, along with our company vision.

Measures of Safety

Safety of our people is of utmost importance to us. To achieve this we have adopted a shared responsibility approach, with increased engagements at all levels of workforce and strengthening the safety culture at MSSSPL. We are taking steps to reduce reportable incidents, minimize injuries and regularly monitor the Safety Activity Rate (SAR) and Safety Perfect Days at our plant.

We collaborate with various industry peers, the Mahindra Group and government bodies including the Directorate General, Factory Advice Service and Labour Institutes, Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health and American Society of Safety Engineers for best practices in safety. With a futuristic approach for tackling emergencies at operations, we have developed an exclusive emergency preparedness plan for MSSSPL. Discussions are held with the plant safety committee along with department level safety subcommittee members on specific issues related to hazard identification, risk assessment, determination and mitigation.

We have further strengthened our safety armours to meet our target of Zero Harm to our people. Being a responsible company, we always focused on the health & hygiene of our employees at work place and various initiatives driven by us focus on Zero Harm. We provide all our employees and contractors, with good quality PPEs and ensure that they are not negligent in using them.

We are providing job related training to our employees to perform given task safely along with Display of do's and don'ts at prominent locations of the site. Beside this we have stringent work permit system in place. Tool box talks, task briefing, job specific training, job hazard analysis and mock drill help us in building safety culture within our organisation.

To provide good opportunities for improving the health of workers MSSSPL has its own Occupational Health Centre. Medical Centre is having established infrastructural and in-house facilities to ensure services to the MSSSPL, contract employees in Plant & families in the colony. The aims and objectives of the department is to provide a preventive, curative and supportive services to all employees.

Apart from Occupational health activity we are promoting health awareness program, free medical check-up & treatment in surrounding community.

Measures of Safety

Improving Safety Standards

As a part of continual improvement in safety management, in the past four years, reportable accidents has been reduced significantly and we are keen to move to a zero harm rate. Our Management is shown commitment of Safety through our EHS policy & we have certified for OHSAS 18001:2007 & ISO 14001:2004.