Governance and Accountability

From our internal board of directors to external and independent councils, a strong governance structure helps us shape corporate strategy and implement our sustainability goals.

Board of Directors

The Board of directors maintain the ultimate oversight and decision making for Sustainability at Mahindra Sanyo. This helps to mitigate significant risks posed to the company.


At MSSSPL we have formed 16 cross-functional teams to work on identified key material aspects like water, energy, waste, CSR etc. These teams are working under guidance of Mentors (Department Head). Each team have prepared five year rolling roadmap for individual aspect and is documented. Performance against roadmap is reviewed regularly by leadership council constitutes of COO, CEO, HR Head and Business Excellence Cell. Leadership council regularly update Sustainability Performance to Sustainability Board (constitutes of Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer), which prepare medium and long term strategies for business.

Business Excellence Cell

The Business Excellence Cell has been set up to provide impetus to the sustainability initiative at ground level and will drive various companywide initiatives in a focused way. The team reports directly tothe MD.

Ethics & Compliance

Code of conduct

Our code of conduct is approved by the board of directors and defines the ethics, transparency, integrity and legal requirements that our people (employees, officers, directors), partners, communities are expected to abide by. Mahindra Sanyo conducts routine trainings for its staff and suppliers to ensure compliance with the code of conduct and corporate culture.


Our policies reflect our commitment and provide the framework to integrate sustainability into each aspect in the organization. The policies and related initiatives are reviewed on a regular basis to revisit targets and validate its core purpose.

Sustainability Reporting

We have been reporting on our annual sustainability performance through the Mahindra Group sustainability report from last three years. All our reports are based on GRI reporting framework. Our last year Sustainability Report was externally assured and is aligned to GRI G4 Core reporting framework.